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Amelia Island Management will make weekly on-site inspections of the Association's properties to assess the condition of the common areas, identify areas that need immediate repairs, identify both short and long-term projects necessary to maintain the common areas, and ensure contracted work is being performed. The inspections will systematically cover all aspects of the property each week. Significant deficiencies will be noted and reported to the Board spokesman. A monthly written report will be mailed to the Board of Directors. Significant deficiencies and safety related issues will be reported as they occur. Amelia Island Management will discuss this inspection and other pertinent items with the Board designee weekly.

Amelia Island Management will coordinate/facilitate the following specific items as contracted by the Board:

  • Sewer Services
  • Common Water Services
  • Common Electricity and Common Electrical Fixtures
  • Grounds, Roadways, and Parking Maintenance
  • Pool Maintenance and Recreational Facilities
  • Pest Control/Termite Bond
  • Elevator Maintenance Contract. (State law precludes the performance of any maintenance or work by anyone other than a certified elevator technician.)
  • Routine Building and Boardwalk Maintenance
  • Refuse Collection
  • Common HVAC systems
  • All other items as delineated in the operating budget
  • Amelia Island Management will obtain written estimates for time and materials for all non-routine and specialty projects
  • The Board will specify the expenditure limit, if any, which the Agent is authorized to spend for any repair, replacement, or maintenance item without prior Board approval. This amount is as specified by the budget, cumulative, from month to month. Any additional amounts will be approved by the President or board designee prior to expenditure.

Note: All emergency, life-safety items will be handled immediately by licensed CAM personnel, 24 hour per day service.


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